Monday, October 22, 2012


wuhuuuutttt , hello buddies :) long time with no updates is it ? HEHE . sorry for being not active for this quite long. I noticed that my last update was on 30th june . HAHA . memang lama gilaa lahh kann . FYI, i am at Universiti Putra Malaysia now as to proceed my further study here . alhamdulillah :) here im taking course B.S human development and information technology for 4 years bebehhh . lame nyeee haii 4 tahun . have to struggle for this 4 years, insyaAllah . my course is actually under human ecology which need to study more about human psychology and the way on how human developed , some kind like that . even though this course was not as i wanted to but insyaAllah im going to try my best . aaminn ! tak banyakk sgtt masa and the main thing is because im having lack of ideas as to update my blog . so that is why lahh sampai ambil masa berbulan baru ade latest update HEHE . next post im going to share more about my experiences here okayyyyssss :) *entah abad bila pulakk next post tuuu HAHA . byebyee mmmuahhmuahhh

THANK YOU readersss

lots of love <3 font="font">

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