Thursday, June 21, 2012

i LOVE basma.k style !

erkkkkkkkk ...... upsss ! so sorry ! before that

salam and hyeee readers ;)

tersendawa lahh pulak kann HAHA . i had my sahur just now . meaning ? yes ofcourse i will fasting today ! faham faham je lah ye puasa apa . okay for this entry , i'm going to share my new FASHION ICON ! HEHE . recently found on facebook of someone . once i saw her , there was one word in my head , "GORGEOUS" ! seriouslyyyyyy ! later on i will show you her picture . i just love the way she style everything that she wear ..  simple but still able to look gorgeous . but ya however she is always with her makeup but it is very suits her face . i do love her eyes , her lipstick that she has applied , all of her shawls and bla bla bla ..... HAHA *dahh macam stalker and admirer terhebat dah ni ! and i did find her hijab tutorial too on youtube and i felt amazingly happy because i found it ! i do not know either you , girls outside have the same opinion or point of view as me or not . sebab yelahh lain orang lain citarasa dia kann . but still, i can believe most of teenagers especially will LOVE her style as i do ! she is so fashionable , up-to-date , has kind of great creativity that can be shared and this is why i put her as my latest fashion icon as to refer to :)

as i did promise above , here are her pictures . *i'm sorry basma.k , i stole it ! HEHE alahai , macam lahh dye akan bace blog ekau ni , EZA

okayyy tutup mulut ! i know you impressed . HAHA . if lahh kann .

btw maybe mostly already noticed with this basma.k right . so that means eza lahh yang ketinggalan sekarang kann . IT'S OKAYY , NO BIGGIE ! HAHA
ape ape punnn , again i mention here i do LOVE basma.k style ! HEHE . that's it guys , girls . subuh already now . lets have prayer then sleep ;) FYI it is my new life schedule now since i am officially unemployed right now. still ! HAHA . 
byeee . and yaaa salam . (=

thanks for reading :)
lots of love <3

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